My name is Angela Brake and I am a trained and certified colon hydrotherapist (colonics). I opened Natural Wellness in 2008 with the help of a circle of family and close friends.  I graduated training for colon hydrotherapy from Tiller Mind Body Institute, working with the finest therapists in San Antonio, Texas where the LIBBE table was engineered. My passion to pursue a career in the field of colon hydrotherapy was inspired by challenges in my personal pursuit of wellness and a desire to share the experience with others.

Meet Your Therapist

After suffering from chronic constipation from a small child throughout adulthood, I had been to medical doctors over the years for tests only to be told nothing was wrong with me.  I became frustrated and began to look for an alternative solution to my problem.

I first discovered colon hydrotherapy (colonics) in 1997 when working as a paralegal in a very stressful environment.   I had not had a bowel movement in close to six weeks and was obviously very sick.  Besides the obvious benefit of alleviating constipation, some of the other benefits I have personally noticed over time are relief from allergies, low back pain, decreased premenstrual syndrome (PMS), clearer thinking and more energy.

I invite you to share your journey to wellness with me.

Your Therapist,

Angela Brake